The price of the jig definitely makes a difference.

Most anglers are right to assume that a cheap jig is an imitation of a more expensive model.

However, these copies may only be able to replicate the exterior of the design perfectly.

Professional anglers will know that the imitations will lack the quality control that the original one will have.

Let’s examine why a jig model which has been researched and put in development for a long time is far better.

By fine-tuning the angles of the jig’s cut, the exact placement of the weight, the precise manner in which the line eyelet is attached to the jig and so on, the product quickly becomes known as one of the best in the market.

A rival company which wants to ride on the success of a good jig will make a mould of the original and start mass production at the fraction of the cost.

However, such moulds are imprecise as it is unable to pick up on the finer details such as the exact angles the cut.

What’s more, the inner weights are not quite aligned properly like those in the original, and because of inferior paintwork, the imitation jig begins to peel, further compromising the hydrodynamic design.

The result of buying cheaper jigs: Less durable product and less effective fishing when compared to the original even though both jigs look identical.

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Once an operator for two local fishing ponds, Alex has more than 20 years experience as an angler and guide. He also boasts a long stint selling fishing tackle which extends to more than five years, and as such, he is knowledgeable on all kinds of fishing products.


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