Traditionally, most right-handers will use a left-hand crank when they’re using a spinning reel and (strangely), a right-hand crank for baitcasting reels.

However, we feel that this is an outmoded way of thinking: it is far easier to crank with your non-dominant hand.

Why? For starters, your dominant hand is typically the stronger hand, and you will usually want your stronger hand to be holding onto the rod and reel to ensure that you have a good grip on your tackle.

While you may be forsaking a little cranking power when you do this, at least you won’t lose your rod and reel when a fish suddenly strikes!

Secondly, it is easier for new anglers to learn how to crank with just one hand rather than have them switch hands when they move from a baitcaster to a spinning reel (or vice versa).

This not only gives them more confidence to try out new styles of fishing, but also makes it easier for them to learn new techniques when they have internalised a consistent style of cranking.

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