Most anglers will wait till their line wears out or until the spool is wiped clean before buying a new set.

However, it is best to get them changed every two to three months, depending how often you hit the water.

One good reason to be disciplined about changing your lines is because you wouldn’t want to be caught in a situation where you are fighting a large and the line suddenly snaps.

It is advisable to check your braided line before and after each trip; looking out for frays at certain sections or snagging when casting.

If any of the abovementioned scenarios are observed, it is time to change your line.

The fact that lines have a limited shelf life once they come into contact with water makes it a little more frustrating for anglers.

Especially when used in saltwater, the smooth finish on the line will start to deteriorate.

No matter how much you wash, dry and store them, the line will begin to decay over the next few months since its first use.

This will make it weak and more likely to break.


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