The overhead cast is a basic cast that most anglers will employ as long as they have sufficient head and back room. Easy enough for a beginner to pick-up but yet versatile and powerful enough even for an expert to employ, it is an excellent technique to have in every angler’s tackle box.

Step 1 Hold your rod out in front of you, reel hanging down with the handle to the left (assuming you are casting with your right hand), as if you were already fishing. Open your reel’s bail-arm and have an amount of line equal to approximately half the length of your rod extended from the rod tip.

Step 2 Your right hand should be gripping the rod near the reel, with the reelfoot (the part that you slot into the rod) between your index and middle finger or between your middle and ring finger. Place your left hand on the handle near the butt of the rod, as if you were holding a sword.

Step 3 Being careful to watch the hook and for people around you, bring the rod straight up and behind your right shoulder. Do not twist your wrist while doing so: your wrist should remain fairly stiff in this motion.

Step 4 In a fluid action bring the rod forward and over your head, stopping sharply at the 2 o’clock angle. Snap your wrist forward and pull in with your left hand as you do so to increase the forward force.

Step 5 You should see your rod flex and snap forward as you stop, propelling the weight forward. Assuming you haven’t caught yourself, someone else or something else, the line should now peel off and whizz into the distance. Congratulations – you have just performed an overhead cast.


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