SWIMS loafers consist of natural rubber, TPU and a nylon mesh which allow them to be used in situations that would usually tire a traditional leather or suede loafer. They can be washed in the washing machine at 30°C. The water-friendly features of the SWIMS loafers allow its users to wear it in harsh conditions, without the worry of wear and tear. It comes in a variety of colours and shapes and can be used for both informal and formal situations.

New this season is the George Collection. The George is built on a rugged, all weather outsole with an anti-slip profile. The outsole, made in natural rubber, is turned up on all sides to enhance protection. Additionally, the seamlessly molded TPU wall around the shoe provides the structure, stability and protection expected of any ideal winter shoe. In contrast, the uppers are made of fine yet sturdy woven fabrics, enhancing the luxury feel.


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