HOOKED: Bobby, thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to come fishing with us. You’re originally from the US – how are you liking Singaporean weather so far?
Bobby Tonelli: (laughs) Actually, to be honest it’s been pretty fun so far, even though we’re drenched and still haven’t caught anything yet. It’s been too long since I last held a fishing rod.

H: When did you first start fishing?
BT: Let me see… that must have been decades ago, back when I was little, when I lived in Las Vegas. My dad and I went fishing at Lake Mead, which was this huge reservoir formed by the Hoover Dam.

H: What sort of tackle were you guys using back then?
BT: Oh it was all really very basic: some standard rods from a shop. For bait, we used just about everything, from live worms to bread and cheese. We didn’t really know much about the art or science of fishing: to us, it was just a pretty chill thing to do, more bonding than anything else.

H: Fishing is definitely always better with family and friends. Did you guys fish more frequently from a boat or from the shore?
BT: We did all kinds of fishing actually. I went out there quite frequently with my dad and his friends, and they had all manner of interests, tackle and expertise. I do remember that there was always one constant though: beer. (laughs)

H: Nice. What was your most impressive catch?
BT: A foot-long trout (approximately 30cm)! But I don’t have any pictures of it. Photos weren’t digital back then.

H: Have you gone fishing since you came to Singapore?
BT: To be honest, the last time I actually held a fishing rod was when I was filming a scene for Fighting Spiders. I got to cast a line or two during that scene, and that was really it. Even though I’ve always wanted to explore fishing in Southeast Asia, given my schedule it’s really hard to find either time or company.

H: Well you’re always welcome to come fishing with us. Have you had –
(At this point we are interrupted by a bite on Bobby’s line. After an intense struggle, Bobby manages to land a feisty 3kg barramundi.)
H: Congratulations, your first Singaporean fish! How does it feel?
BT: Wow! That was pretty good! Exhausting, but good.

H: Is it safe to say that we’ve hooked you back onto fishing?
BT: (laughs) Yes, I think it is safe to say that I’m hooked back on fishing.


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