Helen Bull (pictured) was dining on the balcony of The Jetty Restaurant at Stokes Hill Wharf, Darwin, Australia, when she got hit by a fishing lure thrown by some kids nearby.

According to the Daily Mail, Bull was struck about an inch and a half above her eye, but was fortunately not hooked.

“We made a bit of a passing joke that [the kids] better not start throwing [the lures] this way,” Bull said.

The next thing she knew, the lure flew towards her, hit her with an impact so big, it threw her back like a gunshot.

“I put my hands up to my face and when I pulled them down, blood was pouring from my head, down to my neck and top,” she recounted.

Bull was treated on the spot by army medics who were sitting at the next table, before she was sent to the Royal Darwin Hospital.

She apparently didn’t require any stitches because the medics had done such a good job.


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