Montage resort in Laguna Beach (Photo: Wikimedia)

Last month, three 17-year-olds from Newport Beach were caught fishing in a strict no-fish zone off Laguna Beach in California.

According to state Fish & Wildlife officials, residents noticed the teenagers as they fished from a Boston Whaler around 200 yards off Cress Street Beach, the Orange County Register reported.

The teenagers face possible charges of misdemeanour, which mean fines of up to thousands of dollars.

Authorities are clamping down on their behaviour as the three are repeat offenders who have been given stern warnings several times before.

On previous occasions, they were contacted through radio and given instructions to stop by a Marine Protection Officer from a stand-up paddleboard.

Warden Nick Molsberry, who confiscated their fishing equipment, caught the trio.

According to him, the teenagers said were aware of the rules, and had already released a dozen bass they had caught earlier.

“The biggest problem was their disregard and that they were repeat violators,” said Ryan Cordero, a warden of Orange County’s coastline for five years.

The restricted zone is the only marine reserve in Orange County, and is part of California’s network of marine reserves.

Ironically, the stringent rules are actually in place to allow the fish population to replenish itself, so as to restore fishing activities in the area.


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