Kayaking in Bedok Reservoir. (Photo: Fred @ SG Flickr page)

Dragonboaters, kayakers, canoeists and other water sports enthusiasts are apparently in danger of being bitten by creatures that inhabit the Bedok Reservoir.

According to an online Straits Times report, the Public Utilities Board (PUB) suspended all water-related activities at the said reservoir from December 17 2014 to January 16 this year to investigate reports of people being bitten by what they think are freshwater turtles or fishes like the snakehead.

It is confirmed that there were two cases involving Temasek Polytechnic student-kayakers who had cuts on their feet after training at the same reservoir.

During the closure of the reservoir, PUB managed to weed out species that include a tarpon, African walking catfish, armour sucker catfish and peacock bass.

The Bedok Reservoir is a man-made body of water and as such, Wildlife consultant Subaraj Rajathurai said that there are no native species found there.

He asserts that the fish PUB found are probably released by members of the public.

Subaraj told the Straits Times: “When you do water sports and are constantly disturbing the waters, there is no way to guarantee that you won’t get bitten. It is, after all, not a swimming pool.”

The public is advised to put on proper footwear when engaging in water sports or when entering the water.

They are also advised not to release animals or fish into reservoirs.

Offenders will be slapped with a $50 and $200 fine for their first and second respective offences.

Subsequent offences will result in a prosecution and a fine up to $3,000.


What do you think about fishes and turtles attacking people?

Is there a way that water sports enthusiasts can carry on their activities safely at the reservoirs?

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