New research has shown that fishes actually have good memory, contrary to popular belief.

According to the Daily Mail, this recent discovery shows that African Cichlids are able to remember where they were last able to find food.

The Canadian researchers trained the fish to enter a certain zone of an aquarium to be fed.

After three gruelling days of training, they gave the fish a break of twelve days.

After which, the African Cichlids were re-introduced into the tank and their movements were monitored by a motion-tracking system.

The system discovered that the fish returned to the exact spot they last found food.

The same research has also shown that fish are even able to reverse past associations after undergoing a new regime with a different food stimulus.

Dr Trevor Hamilton of MacEwan University said: “There are many anecdotes about how smart these fish are.”

Studies regarding the influence of environmental conditions and pharmaceutical drugs on the memory of fish are ongoing.

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