Dyer is very apt at catching bass on his own (Photo: Caters)

“If I can, you can.”

This is the motto of Clay Dyer, a professional fisherman without arms or legs.

According to the Daily Mail, the 36-year-old has only one partial arm which has no fingers or thumbs, and yet he takes the disability in his stride, not letting it stop him from achieving his dreams.

“I’ve been competitive my whole life,” shared Dyer, “I played baseball, American football and basketball.”

This determined young man grew up in a family of fishing enthusiasts in Fayetteville, Tennessee, USA.

He was only eight years-old when he caught his first fish.

Dyer makes use of his partial right arm to manoeuvre his reel and grasps the rod with his neck and shoulders to pull the fish onto the boat.

When casting, he rotates his body to create momentum to swing his line out into the water.

It was through trial and error and much perseverance that he found the perfect position.

Clay refuses to use special gear that will make fishing easier for him (Photo: Caters)

“When I got to something that felt comfortable, that’s what I stuck with and tried to be as efficient as I possibly could,” shared Dyer.

Since then, he has been fishing competitively in state and regional competitions, winning about 20 of them – his largest catch being a 20kg mackerel.

His exceptional method of fishing hasn’t disadvantaged him; he has since received up to £5,650 (S$11,860) in tournaments.

During the Bassmaster Open Series across the U.S. this year, he caught more than 7,000 fish.

This modest individual refuses to use modified rods and reels as he believes that will give him an unfair advantage over other anglers.

He was quoted saying that he wants it to be “an even playing field.”

His story has been making rounds in the internet, inspiring many around the world with his fortitude and willpower to achieve a dream that seemed impossible.


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