The fish measured over two metres. (Photo: Sportex Italia Facebook page)

Italian angler Dino Ferrari landed a massive 127kg wels catfish while fishing in the Po Delta in Italy last week.

According to the Daily Mail, his 2.67 metre-long catch could be a world record for a wels caught using a rod and line.

The wels catfish is native to Europe and can live in fresh and brackish water.

It has a broad, flat head and a wide mouth—like other species of catfish— and is known for eating worms, snails, insects, crustaceans, birds, rats, frogs and other fish.

Wels also feed on their own kind and have no scales—much like the redtail catfish.

These invasive fish can live up to 30 years old, grow to almost 4m and weigh up to 400kg.

The biggest wels ever caught was 140kg and 2.78m long, and was also from the Po Delta, according to The Mirror.

Another known report of a giant wels landed took place at the River Ebro in Catalonia—14-year-old Sam Lee fought a 95kg-2.5m specimen for about 35 minutes while on holiday in Spain.


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