(Photo: Claire Wallerstein / SWNS.com)

While on a beach holiday near Cornwall, United Kingdom, a group of university students chanced upon a massive 136kg bluefin tuna which washed up onshore.

According to the Daily Mail, the girls, Hannah Ford, Sarah Little, Shauna Creamer, Charlotte Chambers and Laura Pickervance were going kayaking on 12 July when they spotted the fish.

“We’d only just got in the water and were messing around being silly when we saw this massive thing,” explained Miss Little, 22.

“I shouted ‘shark’, but when we saw that it was dead, we had a closer look and hauled it up across the kayaks.”

Their discovery of a lifetime was over 2m long and is estimated to be worth nearly S$2.1 million.

A fish of that size could make 2,340 tins of tuna and 1,944 steaks.

A Marine Conservation Society spokesman mentioned that it is a rare catch as Atlantic bluefins are rarely seen and reported in British waters.

This is because they have been overfished and are close to extinction.

The gigantic fish has since been sent to the University of Exeter to undergo a post mortem.

As a critically endangered species, strict EU laws make it illegal to catch or sell bluefin tuna and hence, the girls had to walk away empty-handed.

However, they did not show any disappointment of their close windfall.

“We’re not worried that we won’t see the money—you can’t mourn what you never had. It certainly made the holiday,” Miss Little shared.


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