(Photo: Newslocker.com)

Last week, a giant swordfish weighing about 240kg was caught in Tasmania, Australia.

According to a Mercury report, fishermen Jamie Harris and his friend Ashley Hallam had been fishing off St. Helens on East Coast for about two days before reeling in this prized catch.

“I hooked something big two days ago but lost it,” Harris said.

This was what motivated the fishermen to persevere on to hook another huge fish.

They battled with the powerful swordfish for over seven hours, with the fish pulling their boat around in circles.

The fish was then reeled in with the help of fellow fisherman Jason McGiveron.

This Burnie native’s catch could have been a national record breaker, but unfortunately it did not meet game fishing regulations as the leader line was too long.

However, this did not dampen the spirit of this keen fisherman who said: “But I don’t care, I wanted to catch it just to say I’d done it.”

These keen anglers plan to divide this tasty fish among their families.

It was just a few days before Harris and Hallam’s record-breaker that another huge swordfish weighing in at 170kg was caught in the same waters, off Eaglehawk Neck.


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