The sturgeon is a protected species in Canada (Photo: Great River Fishing Adventures website)

Paul Jarvis, 19, never imagined what would be tugging at his line on a fishing trip with his dad at the Fraser River in British Columbia, Canada on 12 June, just days before Father’s Day.

According to the Daily Mail, the twosome reeled in a massive sturgeon weighing 900 pounds (400kg) and measuring 11 feet (3m).

While having difficultly holding the rod securely, the 19-year-old was quoted saying: “In the first few minutes I had it on the line I couldn’t believe the weight and power of the fish.”

While he battled the river beast, his father Ron assisted him by holding his fighting belt and harness.

The fish only made its appearance after more than an hour of struggling.

With their guides’ help, the father and son duo eventually managed to get the fish to surface.

Since sturgeons are a protected species, the massive fish was weighed and measured before it was released back into the river.

The huge catch was found to be a foot and a half smaller than the world record caught by Brits Michael and Margaret Snell in 2012.

The company running Fraser River fishing tours, Great River Fishing Adventures, reported that this was the fourth largest sturgeon caught in the river in the last two years.

The lead guide, Dean Werk, attributes these massive catches to successful conservation efforts and sustainable fishing in recent years.

Ron was quoted saying that this fishing trip was “a great bonding experience’ and ‘a unique adventure [they’ll] never forget.”


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