(Photo: Caters News Agency)

An amazing scene was captured in the waters of Roatan, Honduras.

According to the Daily Mail, photographer, Cesare Naldi, 36, from Napoli, Italy, snapped a loving moment when a grouper swam out of its rocky hiding place and welcomed Maurilio Mirabella, a scuba driver, with an underwater kiss.

Naldi said: β€œTo take these pictures I used standard scuba diving equipment, but the guide that came with us had extra equipment for cave diving including a double oxygen tank and lights.”

β€œI couldn’t believe I managed to shoot such unique pictures. The fish was very friendly with the diver, and even let him hug and kiss on the lips which was amazing to watch,” Naldi added.

The Nassau grouper lives in warm waters around the world and is often found hiding in shipwrecks and reefs.

They are carnivorous and can grow up to 4ft long and weigh as much as 55lb.

Once a common fish, these endangered groupers are shrinking in numbers.

Besides habitat destruction, their large trophy-worthy size and friendly disposition make them both a popular and an easy hunting target.


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