Jeremy Wade made a guest appearance at the River Safari on Sunday 25 May as part of Discovery Channel’s River Monsters Live in Asia tour.

The renowned angling guru and biologist thrilled hundreds of fans and fishing enthusiasts with spine-tingling stories of some of his most unforgettable adventures from the new season.

The 58-year-old also shared anecdotes on his encounters with monstrous freshwater beasts in Asia, personal tips on how to catch monster fishes and even took the opportunity to meet his biggest fans.

And in true River Monsters style, fans then got to witness Jeremy in action as he dived in the world’s largest freshwater fish tank, the Amazon Flooded Forest, with a host of underwater creatures, including his nemesis, the arapaima – a fish that once brutally rammed him in the chest, leaving his heart with very deep bruising and pain for over six weeks.

Jeremy also assisted the River Safari crew at the back of house with the weighing of one of their Giant Chinese Salamanders.

He enthused: “I’m excited to be back in Singapore after 30 years, and thinking back to that time, my life now is so different.”

“Back then nobody was very interested to hear about freshwater fish and since then, there has been quite a bit of transformation in the fishing world.

“Swimming with the manatees is not something that I have done before and they felt quite friendly.

“I would like to thank my fans for watching River Monsters and Discovery Channel for this amazing experience,” Jeremy added.

Jeremy’s visit to Singapore is the final leg of his three-city tour which kicked off in Jakarta on May 22 and Kuala Lumpur on May 24.

River Monsters 6 premiers on 8 July at 9pm on Discovery Channel.

The six-part series is one of his most challenging, with Jeremy having to travel over the course of a year to extremely remote locations across the Amazon to get to the bottom of inexplicable mysteries surrounding some of the deadliest human attacks by the most vicious river monsters on the planet.


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