(Photo: Lort Smith Animal Hospital)

A pioneering micro-surgery was performed on a pet goldfish by Dr Tristan Rich, head of exotics and wildlife medicine, at Lort Smith Animal Hospital in Melbourne.

According to the Daily Mail, George the goldfish has lived a long life of 10 years and weighs only 80g.

The fish developed a tumour which made it hard for him to see, breathe, eat and swim.

To relief their beloved pet from a deteriorating quality of life while keeping him alive, George’s owners chose to let him undergo surgery instead of putting him to sleep.

The surgery cost close to AUD$200 (S$230) and was quite an intricate process, as George was too small to stand losing too much blood.

Water was trickled over his gills to keep him alive while under sedation, and the large tumour, which had spread to his skull, was then carefully cut out.

“We tried to seal him close with sutures but it didn’t work, so we had to use tissue glue to seal the cut, which is used in surgery on humans,” shared Dr Rich.

The procedure was a success and George will hopefully be swimming in his tank at home very soon.


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