Photo: YouTube screengrab

A group of fishermen accidentally caught a huge sea lion in their fishing nets off Russia’s Pacific coast.

According to the Daily Mail, the creature was thrashing about inside the nets, and upon being released, it grabbed one of the fishermen with its jaws and hurled him across the boat like a rag doll.

The angry sea lion then moved around the deck before attacking the ship’s dog, as it didn’t move out of its way fast enough.

Before it could do more damage, the crew managed to steer it towards the sea using a powerful hose that was normally used to clean the deck.

According to experts, that particular sea lion is of the Steller species.

It is the largest sea lion species in the world, commonly found off northern Pacific coasts, and is near-threatened.

Although the males are usually more aggressive, especially when defending harems of up to 25 females during the breeding season, it is believed that the sea lion on the Russian ship was a female, which can weigh up to 350kg.

Every year, a large number of sea lions are accidentally drowned by fishing boats, as they get trapped in fishing nets meant for commercial fish species.



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