This new craft creates new standards of fishability, comfort, convenience and stability (Photo: Ultraskiff Facebook page)

A revolutionary personal watercraft called the Ultraskiff 360 has emerged in the U.S. which will change how anglers fish forever.

According to the Daily Mail, inventor Jeff Lizzio was inspired to invent this boat when he developed a herniated disk in his lower back after fishing in uncomfortable boats.

The Ultraskiff 360 was designed especially for anglers, but it can also be used for other outdoor activities such as bird watching.

This saucer-shaped vessel promises high levels of comfort and ease.

It operates on battery, with its main feature being a 360° revolving seat, allowing fishermen to cast their rods in any direction with ease.

In addition to having an extensive view and greater access around the boat, it is also easy to manoeuvre, but it is suggested for use only on calm and shallow waters.

The seat and pedestal are detachable and can be customised according to the users’ preferences.

Despite its compact size, this floating disc is equipped with an impressive range of fishing necessities including a drainage system, six rod holders, bow/tow ring, eight strap guides and three storage compartments with lids that double up as chopping boards.

This personal watercraft is also relatively easy to transport as it weighs only 50kg and is 180cm wide.

This distinctive vehicle is currently still patent pending and can be only bought straight from Ultraskiff.


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