(Photo: Peter Corns)

Over an hour of grappling was what it took for retiree, Peter Starbuck to bring in the catch of his life.

The 160kg sturgeaon was so big that it dragged his boat along during the fight.

According to the EXPRESS, the 78 year-old hooked the sturgeon from the Fraser River in Canada using what he called a “dead-bait”.

Comparing it to “a scene from Jaws”, Starbuck amazed his fishing guide, Steve Kaye, with this shocking catch.

Starbuck recalled: “Steve said we’d bring it in, and he cut off some of the line so we could pull it in. It towed us down the river for an hour and eventually it got close enough that we could beat it.”

“It was actually like being in the gym on the weight machine, and you think you’re going to do 20 reps, but the fish was saying you get off when I tell you,” the 78 year-old joked.

Starbuck safely released the fish and went on to catch another 12 with a combined weight of around 680kg.

“It was wonderful,” he reminisced.

“There were quite a few bald headed eagles and we saw a beaver as well. I’m now planning to go back next year.”


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