(Photo: CEN/Europics)

Hundreds of fish flowed out of the Tong Shan Yuan reservoir in China when its floodgates were opened to drain off surplus water.

According to the Daily Mail, villagers and fishermen in Quzhou city in the Zhejiang province, swarmed to the area and waited for the free flow of fish, which literally washed into their arms.

Some came prepared with bowls and nets, while others just used their bare hands.

In a day, up to 7000kg worth of fish were caught, including carp, bream and trout.

Many of the villagers wadded in the waters with nothing more than shorts and underpants, hoping to get their hands on a fish.

Some kept on the safe side, standing on the bank with nets.

Shi Su, was one of the many excited fishermen who came to get his share of fish.

“You had to be careful and watch your footing, but with a bowl, a net or even your hands, it was easy to catch the biggest and best fish,” Su said.

He shared that people in the village rarely eat fish–the more well-to-do ones ate them once a week.

Villagers are allowed to gather as many fishes as they wish, but all at their own risk.

“Several people in previous years have drowned when they toppled into the raging water,” Lo Meng, a local water authority official commented.



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