This is the actual eel pulled out of the teenager’s throat (Photo: Saha et al)

A 16-year-old Bangladeshi teenager had a live 16cm eel stuck in his throat for five hours after he held the creature in between his teeth when fishing in a canal.

According to the Daily Mail, the boy was attempting to catch two eels which he had spotted with a friend.

After catching one of them, he clasped the eel with his teeth to free his hands, in an effort to catch the other.

It was then when the creature wriggled into his mouth and down his throat, blocking his airways.

The teenager rushed home to get help from his family but they were unable to remove the eel, which ventured deeper into the boy’s throat.

A visit to the local clinic was futile as the doctors couldn’t locate the stuck eel.

The boy was then taken to the Dhaka Medical College Hospital, where doctors discovered lacerations in his throat, but were still unable to see the eel.

In an emergency procedure, the surgeon Kanu Saha cut a hole in the boy’s neck to help him breathe, while trying to find the eel to no avail.

The eel only appeared about five hours later when it peered through the hole in the windpipe, allowing the doctor to remove it with forceps.

Kanu Saha said: “This is the second case I have come across to date.”

“The other was a 45-year-old man who came from a rural village about 300 kilometres away. It was 12 hours after he swallowed the fish. Unfortunately he didn’t survive,” he added.

The eel has been identified as a Guchi baim fish or Indian spiny eel and can reach a maximum length of about 1 metre.

They inhabit soft-bottomed habitats in fresh and brackish water in parts like Africa, Southeast Asia, and South Asia.


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