(Photo: Screengrab YouTube)

A group of divers had a bizarre encounter with a gigantic Mola mola fish in the clear blue waters off the island of Gozo in Malta.

Resembling an underwater blimp, the gigantic Mola mola, also known as an ocean sunfish, dwarfed the humans as they swam around it.

According to the Daily Mail, Diver Erik van der Goot, who uploaded the close-up footage on YouTube, shared that the group met the extraordinary fish at a depth of around 15m near Wied il-Mielah (see video below).

Weighing as much as 5,000 pounds, and measuring up to 14ft in height and 10ft in length, these docile giants are the heaviest of all bony fish.

They can be found in both temperate and tropical waters, and are characterised by their inability to fully close their mouths.


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