Anglers were set for some eging action at Changi Boardwalk for the competition LE Angler’s House had organised in July, but it was not too long before the rumbling of distant thunder sent everyone – including the resident swarm of flying ants – scrambling for the nearest shelter. In spite of the rather dreary and wet situation, it was a good opportunity for the contestants to take a look at the prizes up for grabs: a set of twelve Yozuri squid jigs (complete with hooks), a Shimano TwinPower 2500 SDH and an Evergreen Squidlaw PSLS-86L squidding rod.

The storm was as brief as it was sudden and passed within twenty minutes or so. The clearing of the skies, conveniently enough, signalled the official start of the competition, and 27 eager anglers quickly grabbed their rods and staked out a small portion of the boardwalk for themselves.

Within fifteen minutes Mr Ang Poh Leng made the first catch of the night: a 248g squid that was quickly weighed and bagged. However, the night’s competition also served a second purpose: that of furthering science. Scientists from A*STAR and NTU were there that night to purchase catches made by the participating anglers and dissect them as part of their comparative research on the differences between the regular squids found in Singaporean waters and the giant squids found in California.

The rest of the night went by fairly slowly, punctuated only by brief bursts of excitement when someone caught something. By the official end of the competition at 11:30pm, a total of three squids were caught, along with a cuttlefish and a grouper, though both of the latter were promptly disqualified.

As such, third place went to Kelvin Kang with his 51g squid, followed by Melvin Ang with his 247g squid in second and – taking first place by a single gram – Ang Poh Leng with the first 248g catch of the night. All three of them went home with more than their catch: the eging rod went to Kelvin Kang, the set of squid jigs to Melvin Ang and the reel to Ang Poh Leng. Congratulations to all the winners!


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