Peacock bass are not native to Singapore, but they are now common in local fresh and brackish waters (Photo: Wikipedia)

A debate has sparked on Facebook after a well-known angler made a call to gather people to support his cause of culling peacock bass at the Kranji Reservoir.

‘Eduard Long’ wrote on the same social media platform yesterday: “Today I call upon any giant snakehead fanatic to cull the peacock bass in the most humane way, be it releasing into other water bodies or give to the people who take them as food.”

A passionate fan of the giant snakehead, he further explains that culling the peacock bass is essential in making sure that the giant snakehead species survive.

‘Eduard’ said: “I hope you understand we are doing it because of the love of snakeheads, a species we adore as topwater fishermen, and not because of the hate of peacock bass.”

The initial post as of this morning has since garnered almost 200 ‘likes’ and generated about 300 comments.

This call to action by ‘Eduard’ to save the giant snakehead via culling of the peacock bass has  mixed reactions.

Supporters of ‘Eduard’ readily throw in their hats, with some even posting photos of their haul early this morning.

“If we wait for answers, things will never get done,” Nigel Lian, a supporter of ‘Eduard’, said.

“I have been waiting for something like that for the longest time. Even if it does not achieve its intended goals, it can unite, it can develop, it can inspire.”

There are also supporting anglers who are concerned about the culling.

‘Kenneth Ho’ questioned: “What are the control measures put in place to ensure the actions are within the parameters of this culling exercise? What are the mitigation plans to ensure the exercise is not being abused or work beyond the original objectives? How do the initiator/s measure success?”

‘Kumaran Sesshe’ was one of the few anglers that felt that the authorities should get involved.

He suggested that an official letter to the PUB or the MP for Kranji can help their cause in managing the fish population.

“Do you think if we officially write in to PUB and ask for permission, or seek the MP for Kranji for help to write in to PUB to radiate this species from Kranji waters will help (sic)?” ‘Kumaran’ asked.

He also hinted at engaging university professors or students to study the damage the peacock bass is causing to the eco system.

Another supporter of the cull, ‘Sherwin Tay’, raised concerns about complete anarchy within the fishing community where anglers misread the objective and kill peacock bass instead.

He said: “I don’t support the idea of complete anarchy where people cull for the sake of culling because they have misconstrued a message in the midst of a frenzy.”

Amidst all the apprehension, ‘Eduard’ made it clear to the community that his intentions are good and there are no plans to wipe out the peacock bass—only a goal to help the giant snakehead thrive in the Kranji Reservoir for anglers to enjoy catching them.

“We gather together trying to restore the former glory of the giant snakeheads. Hoping that good catches will all come back and we can practise catch and release,” ‘Eduard’ added.

Do you think the peacock should be culled to save the giant snakehead in Singapore? Or are there other solutions?

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