Fishing with friends is always fun! This was taken at the Desaru private pond.

The Buddy-Buddy Competition is set for 30 August (8am-1pm) at the Pasir Ris Pro Pond.

Unlike many other competitions, this one will see you and your friend have a lot more fun in spite of the scoreboard.


Some of the highlights include 500kg of fish released for the competition, availability to keep your catch and the go-ahead to use treble hooks.

Below are the rules of the game (extracted from

  • Win by combined weight of all your fish.
    (Bring clips to clip your fish. There will also be baskets, but bring clips; you know those things that look like giant snaps.)
  • Treble hook: OK
  • Catch and keep (tapao): OK
  • Catch and release (CNR): OK
    (Don’t be a coconut and release after you catch them, weigh in first!)
  • All 500kg of fish will be released into the Pro Pond section (*Sniggers*)
  • Walk anywhere you want, fish anywhere in the Pro Pond.
  • Your buddy can help you land the fish.
  • If you want to land the fish, you can temporarily pass your rod to your buddy and do it yourself.
  • You can land the fish with a lip grip.
  • You can land the fish with a net.
  • You can land the fish with your mouth.
  • You can jump in the water and land the fish to look like a pro.
  • Only #lukemaowbear can wear Hello Kitty.
  • If you have cute friends, they can come too, girl or boy.
  • Anyone can sponsor a prize and get a mention or a pizza. Email or call #lukemaowbear at 97851766.
  • You are not entitled to exclusivity at this competition, unless your curry puffs are very tasty.
  • Only fish that are clipped or in a basket are counted for the weigh-in.
  • If your fish dies it is still counted.
  • And finally, if your fish dies, you cannot release it. It’s dead.

At this point, you can probably tell that this competition is for us to have some good old fun doing what we enjoy most—fishing.

So if you haven’t registered, please make your way to the Pasir Ris Pro Pond Office (behind the weighing scale) to do so.

There are only slots for 35 teams of two.So hurry!



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