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It’s a sunny weekend, and you’re strolling along the beautiful Fullerton waterfront, enjoying the breeze.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, OUCH!

A fishing lure flies at you and pierces your hand.

Sounds impossible? Not quite.

That is exactly what happened to a Chinese tourist who was walking around One Fullerton last Sunday.

According to a report on STOMP, a man was luring illegally outside The Stomping Ground, a wine bar at One Fullerton, and accidentally hooked the unassuming tourist while casting.

The area was crowded and had many vacationers, but instead of being cautious, the angler ignored their presence and carried on fishing.

Furious and unapologetic, he went on to vent his frustrations on a closed Facebook group related to fishing.

The post was peppered with vulgarities, and included a photo of the tourist holding her injured hand.

The group has since removed the post, but in the short time it was online, it received a lot of criticism from fellow community members.

One netizen ‘Alvin Hoo’ wrote on Facebook: “[The Angler] should have thought about the consequences before posting [the image]. Now it has gone viral and we can say ‘bye-bye’ to this honey hole!”

“It’s the angler’s fault because, firstly, he fished in an illegal ground and, secondly, he disregarded public safety. It’s just him being an irresponsible angler and not practising responsible angling,” ‘Terence Capricious Yong’ wrote on the same social media platform.

Other anglers in the same group are also speculating that the authorities are keeping a watchful eye on illegal fishing activities ever since the rise of recreational fishermen being caught for infringing on the law.

‘Chris Lim’ warned that anglers should not disclose their fishing location to protect their hobby.

“That is why we always say: Please censor your background if want to show off your catch in Singapore,” ‘Chris Lim’ wrote.


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