Do you think that the set of teeth (above) eerily resemble those sitting on your gums? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one!

The red bellied pacu, or red pacu for short, is a freshwater fish native to South America in the Amazon River.

Despite resembling piranhas when young, these fish can quickly grow into giants up to one metre long and weigh as much as 30kg.

Unlike its famous flesh-eating cousin, the red pacu does not need razor sharp teeth.

Instead, they have square human-like teeth, which are paired with strong jaws, to help with the consumption of fruit and nuts.

Pacus are omnivores with an inclination for vegetables, but these monster fish will chomp at anything!

This trait has earned them the notorious moniker “Ball-cutter”– it has been reported that the pacu killed two fishermen by biting off their testicles, leaving them to bleed out!

Luckily for our adventurous fishing enthusiasts, the red pacu can be found in a two catch-and-release pay ponds in Singapore:

  1. Fishing Paradise:
    Address | 81, Lorong Chencharu, Singapore 769198
    (Set to reopen in December 2014)
  2. FW3 Catch and Release:
    Address | 70 Pasir Ris farmway 3, Singapore 518234

How to catch pacu

Fishing Paradise recommends using live small fish, bread, hotdogs, or a kng* as bait.

You may also use minnow, rubber and popper lures.

Many anglers enjoy fighting this fish because its aggressive nature and sheer strength always promise a good time!

Just remember to keep your pants on if you decide to hop into the water with these beasts.

(Kng*: A metal spring contraption that is filled with bait. It is usually used to hold fishing dough.)


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