(Photo: Matteo Bertolino)

An ancient fishing festival called Antogo is held annually during the dry season (typically in May) at a lake in Northern Mali, Western Africa.

The lake is known to be sacred, filled with good spirits, and tons of catfish.

According to Amusingplanet.com, every year hundreds of Dogon people (an ethnic group in Mali) travel from all over the country to participate in the ritual [see video below].

Fishing is prohibited during other parts of the year, however during Antogo, masses of men dash into the lake, armed with cone-shaped baskets and tools to catch fish.

In desperation, some even use their bare hands.

Unfortunately, women are not allowed to participate as they are considered impure in the Dogon culture.

The mad rush lasts only about 15 minutes and a gunshot marks the end of the ritual.

All the fishes will be gathered and brought to the oldest man who will distribute them among the tribes evenly.


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