(Photo: Stomp)

Anglers at Bedok Jetty reeled in a rare honeycomb stingray last Friday.

According to Stomp, it took Jing Loong one whole hour, with the help of two of his friends, to bring the female stingray in.

It was initially thought to be a leopard stingray, but fish hobbyists have pointed out otherwise.

Further Facebook updates showed that while the ray was landed, it gave birth to pups which were released.

On top of that, that the anglers cut up the large stingray at the jetty instead of practicing catch-and-release.

Big rays have been caught by surfcasters at this location before, but the honeycomb species is truly a one-of-a-kind catch.

While some netizens on Facebook felt that it was indeed a fantastic catch, others hoped that it was released instead.

‘Melissa Chua’ wrote: “They should’ve released it! Why cut it up? It’s probably not even that good to eat.”

Another netizen, ‘Sam Chua’ shared the same sentiment.

“[The honeycomb stingray is] quite a rare species. It is heart breaking especially [after] I just came back from the wonderful sea aquarium,” he shared on the same social network.

However, there are no laws that prevent anglers from keeping their catch from the Bedok Jetty.


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