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Angler Ramlan Saim, 53, was fishing at his usual spot off Pulau Ubin last month when he caught a shocking surprise.

According to the Straits Times, on the other end of the line was a strange octopus-like creature that was wriggling, sporting what looked like more than a hundred arms (see video below).

Experts have identified the creature to be a basket star, a distant relative of the starfish.

The basket star has only five arms, but they are each divided into multiple nimble tentacles, which are used to catch prey.

Ong Han Boon was the first to share the video on Facebook and it was a case of mistaken identity when he claimed to have caught the creature.

However, Ramlan, who is known as ‘Jr Saim’ on the same social media platform, has since uploaded the video.

Ramlan said: “I know that area has a lot of seaweed, so I thought that was what I had hooked up. But when I put it on the boat, it started to move like an alien.”

He also added that he released the creature.

The video of the catch has gone viral and now has almost 8 million views and close to 130,000 likes.


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