The urban pond in now home to thousands of fishes (Photo:

In an attempt to get rid of mosquitoes that have bred in a flooded mall in Bangkok, the locals brought in freshwater tilapias to eat them.

Since then, the fishes have thrived in the waters, filling the lower floors of the New World Mall, swimming amidst rusty escalators.

According to the Daily Mail, the 5,000 square-foot area is now filled with thousands of exotic fish, ranging from tilapias to koi.

The mall was closed in 1997 after breaching building regulations.

Two years later, a fire broke out, leaving it without a roof.

Overtime, monsoonal rain slowly flooded the building and attracted mosquitoes.

The roof was never mended so the area is kept flooded.

Despite being located so near to the main road, visitors have commented that the mall is extremely quiet, echoing with sounds of splashing fish.

Shops around the mall even sell fish food for tourists at 10 Baht a bag, so that they may feed the marine life.

However, this ‘pond’ of fishes is maintained in accordance to strict regulations.

A sign outside the mall sternly warns visitors to protect the fish and not throw anything but fish food in the waters.


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