We’re always looking at ways to improve our angling experiences and with these cool inventions, fishing will always be enjoyable.

1. XOO belt charger

Credit: indiegogo.com/Nifty

Charge your devices in style with this dandy designer belt that comes with 2,100mAh of power.


2. Runphones Wireless

Credit: thinkgeek.com

Take away the hassle of cables and keep sweat away from your eyes while listening to your favourite tunes by the water.


3. Go Pro + Galileo

Credit: motrr.com

Easily create pro-level pan/tilt video in a fun and cost-effective way with this motorised dock.


4. Impossible bicycle

Credit: kickstarter.com/Impossible Technology

Ride to your favourite fishing spot with this foldable bicycle that fits into most backpacks.


5. Light casting gloves

Credit: hammacher.com
Credit: hammacher.com

Night fishing will be a breeze with these handy gloves which actually keep your hands free to hold your gear.


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