Jeremy Wade’s fishing tip #1

New anglers should try to find someone to give them a helping hand during the first few times they go fishing—to get the basics right.

Don’t be afraid to ask because most fishermen are willing to help.

The key is to find a good teacher.

Jeremy Wade’s fishing tip #2

Selecting the right gear depends on what species you’re going after as well as the place that you are fishing in.

Again, get advice from somebody who fishes the same water.

It is very easy to get blinded by the amount of tackle available in  the tackle shops, but always go for good quality.

Jeremy Wade’s fishing tip #3

Plan before putting bait in the water.

This way, you can catch them quicker.

Try to imagine that you are the fish and ask yourself the following: “If I were a fish, where would I be?”

The three main things in a fish’s mind are safety, food, and  energy conservation.

They won’t hang around the strong currents, but they’d rather be hiding.

Basically, think like a fish.


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