Catch reports are the lifeblood of the fishing community, but what makes a catch report good?  The following are a few guidelines that we feel will make your catch report that much more interesting to read, but as always with guidelines, feel free to follow as many or as little of them as you like:

  • Provide as many pictures as possible.  While we may not use all your photos, giving us more photos will allow us to pick the best ones.  Do not just send us pictures of your catch as well!  Give us pictures of your travels, of your fight, of the scenery around the spot and so on.
  • Tell us what tackle you used, from rod to lure/rig.
  • Describe how you got there.  Was the journey difficult?  Did you drive there?  If so, where did you park?  Did you buy any snacks or drinks along the way?  If so, where did you do so?
  • Tell us about the fishing experience.  Was it challenging?  Did the fish struggle strongly all the way or only at the beginning?  What was the condition of the fish when you brought it up?  Did you dapao it or release it after you caught it?
  • If someone wanted to go to the same spot, do you have any advice for them (e.g. bring mosquito repellent, wear long sleeves, wear a hat, bring extra water because there’s no vending machine nearby)?

Got a catch report you want to share with the rest of the world? Send in your catch report, along with any photos to


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