Balancing your tackle is important regardless of fishing style. As the name suggests, the “micro” in micro-jigging implies that everything should be small: i.e. one should use small jigs below 15g that should be matched with small hooks, swivels, rings, thin leaders, light lines (4-6lb) and ultralight or light action rods.

The recommended leader strength for micro-jigging is approximately 16-20lb. This has been proven to be sufficient for the type of fish typically encountered while micro jigging, which tend to be small and rarely trophy-sized.

Thin leaders give you greater control over your jig, imparting livelier action and a better feel for bites. A thin leader is also less likely to spook the fish: trevallies in clear water, for instance, are especially notorious for reacting to leader thickness. I have personally come across instances where the fish was reluctant to hit anything presented on a leader more than 12lb.

However, it is not absolutely necessary to use a light leader when micro-jigging. I have used 30-40lb leaders with 4lb lines on micro jigs, but these were more the exception than the norm, such as when we were targeting fishes with abrasive mouths such as giant herrings or barramundi.


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