Technically speaking, left- and right-handed baitcasters have no advantage over
each other as they are basically made from the same design – just “reversed”. Since
there is no technical and obvious advantage, why do people still debate over
which is better?

There is actually a subtle yet essential difference when using a left- or
right-handed baitcaster. However, this difference depends on each individual’s way
of fishing. The HOOKED team believes that a right-handed person should use a
left-handed baitcaster and vice versa. This is because if a right-handed person uses
a right-handed baitcaster, he would have to cast with his right hand, transfer the
entire set-up to his left hand and then start to crank with his right hand. We find
this process both clumsy and slow.

However, if a right-handed person casts his rod with his right hand, he could
immediately start cranking with his left hand upon his bait landing on its intended
target. We find this process both fast and extremely efficient. It has also been
estimated that by equipping yourself appropriately, one would be able exercise
significantly more casts as compared to the former pairing. An angler making more
casts would be able to cover more ground, which results in hitting more fish. By
using HOOKED’s recommended pairing, one would also stand a higher chance
against “goalkeeper” fishes that would smash your bait the moment it touches
water as the angler would instantly be able to engage his spool and crank the fish
away from danger.


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