For squid fishing – otherwise known as eging – the lures we use are known as “squid jigs”. Designed to look like prawns, these artificial baits have an added piece of lead on the head (to act as a sinker) and one or two rows of umbrella hooks on the rear. Many squid jigs also have lumo-eyes, which are eyes designed to absorb ambient light from the surface and glow in the dark once lowered into the water.

There are a variety of sizes, weights and colours to choose from but for a beginner the best choice to start with when fishing off the local shore will be a size 2.5 jig. These jigs have a slower sinking rate, making them less likely to get entangled with the line and are thus more suitable for shallow water.

Colours-wise, it is advisable to go with a pink or orange jig with a rainbow base. These jigs tend to have the highest bite rates in most water conditions and situations and are thus a good generic starting colour.


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