First off, you must know what kind of fishing you are looking to do, what kind of fishes you are targeting and where you intend to fish. An eging rod is very different from, say, a luring rod, which is in turn also different from a baiting rod and so on.

For someone looking to start lure fishing, I would usually advise him to start fishing at reservoirs for peacock bass. A highly aggressive fish, peacock bass gather in schools, attack anything that remotely resembles bait and can be found virtually everywhere, making them excellent sport fishes for beginners.

To target peacock bass, I would recommend that you start with a 7-15g lure about 90mm in size attached to a 10lb main line on a 2000 to 2500 series spool. Your rod should have a line weight rating of 6-12lb for maximum action, allowing you to feel every single thing the fish does so you can appropriately respond to it.

This is also a fairly versatile setup: if you switched the lure to a soft rubber lure, for instance, you can also use the tackle fairly effectively for pond fishing. The entire setup can cost anything from $150 to $300, depending on your choice of brands.


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