There is no hard and fast rule as it really depends on the fishing conditions.

Apollo rigs with one hook are preferred when fishing in snaggy terrains. Once a fish is hooked, it would normally put up a nasty fight while dashing for cover, and in this process, having an additional hook is disadvantages to the angler as it might get snagged and cause the whole line to get stuck. In this situation, a single hook Apollo rig would be the recommended choice.

When fishing for fishes that tend to nibble on your bait before swallowing it whole, we recommend using two hooks on your rig instead of one. Having more bait naturally attracts more fishes and also enables your bait to last longer, giving the fishes more time to decide if they should swallow it whole. Using two hooks during a feeding frenzy is also advantages because the fishes will immediately attack anything they see. More often than not, you will get a double hook-up!


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