Girl gone fishing

SADAT OSMAN spoke with the host of Singapore’s first angling-centric show, The Fishing Marathon (TFM), Jayve Macfudge Goh, to find out more about what makes her tick.

Wrasse-ling with nature

Despite being part of the endangered species list, a humphead wrasse was seen sitting on a bed of ice in a wet market in the Kovan district.

Monster catfish hooked in Italy

While fishing the waters of Po Delta in northwest Italy last week, Dino Ferrari caught a 127kg wels catfish merely using a spinning set up.

Released fish blamed for attacks at Bedok Reservoir

Water sports enthusiasts have allegedly been bitten by freshwater turtles, snakeheads and other fish at the Bedok Reservoir.

Call for peacock bass culling sparks online debate

An avid angler gathers fellow hobbyists to join him in catching peacock bass at the Kranji Reservoir and relocating them to other bodies of water.

Eel stuck in teenager’s throat

The 16-year-old Bangladeshi held the 16cm eel in between his teeth while fishing before it slipped down his throat and got stuck for over five hours.

Teens could face charges for fishing illegally

The law has no age boundaries when it comes to illegal fishing in California as teens get caught for repeatedly bending the rules.

Dead bodies found among tuna in fishing boat

The corpses were hidden among tuna on the lower deck of the abandoned boat which was set on fire.

ORTO leisure park opens in Sembawang

A new leisure park, ORTO, replaces the old Bottle Tree Park with a range of facilities for prawning, fishing, paintball, futsal and F&B.

Dead body found near Yishun Dam

Police are still investigating the death of a Chinese woman whose body was found floating near the Yishun Dam.