Infectious marine bacteria found in Singapore fish samples

Vibrio, which can be transmitted to humans, has been detected in fish samples from Singapore’s fish farms.

Jeremy Wade wows fans in Singapore

Extreme angler Jeremy Wade meets with fans and dives with arapaimas at the River Safari to promote the latest season of Discovery Channel’s River Monsters.

Offshore fishing with MV Selin

Enjoy a full day of fishing with the MV Selin crew at an affordable rate of $100 per angler.

Sturgeon kills child

A sturgeon leaps out of the Suwannee River in the US, strikes a family of boaters, kills a five-year-old and hurts two others.

Abandoned reservoir found near Telok Blangah Road

Researchers discovered an old reservoir that vanished from local contemporary maps.

Global fishing watch to stamp out illegal activity at sea

Fishing will receive a global stage with a new technology that aims to protect the ocean from illegal activities.

ORTO leisure park opens in Sembawang

A new leisure park, ORTO, replaces the old Bottle Tree Park with a range of facilities for prawning, fishing, paintball, futsal and F&B.

12 Chinese nationals jailed for illegal fishing

The fishermen were on the Tubbataha Reef when they were caught by Philippine rangers.

Massive swordfish caught in Tasmania

Mammoth-sized swordfish caught in Australia unofficially breaks the record for being the heaviest one landed in the region, if not for a long leader line.

The arapaima is battling extinction

The arapaima is the largest fish in the Amazon, and its last hope in beating extinction is conservation.