Massive sturgeon the perfect father’s day gift

An unexpected 400kg sturgeon was pulled up on Father's Day in Canada’s Fraser River, making the catch the fourth largest of its kind in the last two years.

Two manta rays die at RWS Marine Life Park

Resorts World Sentosa lost two endangered manta rays, adding to the list of fatalities at its aquarium.

Singaporeans set to participate in Hobie Fishing Worlds Championship

Singapore will be the only Asian country in the world-renowned fishing competition featuring USA, Canada and European nations.

How to win the biggest Flash Your Catch contest

Here’s a quick look at how to win the $1,200 SEIKO, Columbia and Daiwa prize pack in the latest round of the Flash Your Catch contest.

The arapaima is battling extinction

The arapaima is the largest fish in the Amazon, and its last hope in beating extinction is conservation.

Furious sea lion attacks fishermen after being caught by mistake

Russian fishermen tasted the vengeance of a sea lion after freeing it from their nets.

Million-dollar bluefin washes up on UK beach

Five university students stumble upon a huge bluefin tuna while on vacation in the United Kingdom, but were not able to cash in on their valuable discovery.

Anglers’ trash injure pelicans

Discarded fishing hooks and lines hurt pelicans in Texas, U.S., alarming anglers to be careful how they dispose their unwanted gear.

Fish free flow

Chinese fishermen catch hundreds of out-flowing fish when a reservoir’s floodgates were opened to drain excess water.

Buddy up for $1,350 in cash

Have fun fishing with your buddy and win some cash and prizes while you are at it.