About Us

Fishing is one of Singapore’s fastest growing markets with an increasing number of young people taking up the sport. However, to date, media coverage of the industry has been scant at best until now.

HOOKED is Singapore’s first and only fishing lifestyle magazine. Aimed at both the weekend hobbyist and the serious angler, it is dedicated to showing Singaporeans that fishing is not just an excuse for singlet-wearing, beer-guzzling middle-aged men to wile away the hours on a Sunday afternoon. Sport fishing, in particular, is as much a test of an angler’s strength and endurance as it is a measure of his intelligence and willpower.

The magazine is aimed at male PMETs (professionals, managers, executives, technicians) aged 25-40 who love adventure. Our readers range from globetrotters who go just about anywhere and everywhere to fish, be it the isolated mountain lakes of New Zealand or the clear blue waters of the Maldives, to people with the time, money and interest to start fishing but who lack professional guidance and expertise.

The response from the fishing community in Singapore has been favourable.